Physical Therapy And Rehabilitive Services

We offer a variety of treatment techniques, and specialty programs to help you on your road to recovery. There you will find a list of the common diagnoses we treat as well as our healing techniques and specialty programs for infants, children, adolescents, adults and senior citizens. Call us at (503) 698-5500 to schedule your next appointment. With our three convenient locations and our early evening appointments, we are here to put your life back in motion.


Common Diagnoses We Treat

Spinal dysfunctions
Pre & post partum musculoskeletal problems
Chronic pain
Musculoskeletal pain
Neurological Rehab – Stroke, Head/Brain injury, Vestibular rehab/Balance
Joint replacements
Thoracic outlet syndrome
Edema (swelling)
Pre and post surgical rehab
Patellar femoral syndrome (knee pain)
Plantar fasciitis
Impingement syndrome
Ankle instability
Orthopedic injuries
Carpal tunnel
Sports injuries for all ages

Physical Therapy

The physical therapists at Physical Therapy Associates are constantly striving to provide the best care for their patients. Our licensed physical therapists are Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapists (COMT) and are driven to advance their knowledge in current medical science—making them movement specialists and experts in musculoskeletal dysfunctions. A thorough assessment, and evaluation of other contributing factors, assists the therapists in determining a treatment plan. This allows our therapists to formulate individualized rehab for each patient in order to treat acute and chronic orthopedic conditions with a wide array of manual techniques to reduce pain, improve range of motion and thereby return the patient to optimal levels of function. We feel that appropriate use of manual techniques, a properly dosed exercise intervention program, and teamwork by the providers can assist our patients to get their life in motion. Physical Therapy Associates is here to assist you in your return to employment, hobbies and enjoying life to its fullest.

Scientific Therapeutic Exercise Programs (STEP)

Our physical therapists utilize a scientific therapeutic exercise approach in our patients rehabilitation. Exercises are dosed properly to tissue tolerance and tissue goals based on 1 RM (Repetition Maximum). Demand is progressed to allow proper healing of collagen and connective tissue. Functional tissue goals that can be improved with this approach are; coordination, disuse atrophy, vascularity, endurance, strength and power.

Balanced for Life

Join us as we guide you through a unique program, in a private atmosphere, focusing specifically on improving your balance, but also focusing on building strength and flexibility.

Our physical therapists are experts in working with people of all ages. Each student will be individually evaluated and the program will be tailored to fit his or her needs.

We will help improve your balance throughout the day, develop breathing techniques for improved relaxation and comfort, and educate you in proper footwear, posture and movement.

We use the Tinetti Assessment Formula for specialized testing. This formula tests various areas such as Balance, Strength, and Flexibility.

Benefits you will experience in your activities of daily living include:

– Moving easily and safely in your home and community.
– Improved mobility.
– Decreased risk of falls and injury from falls.
– Your Tinetti score will improve within two months of beginning your “Balanced for Life” program.


“Consistent ongoing exercise to gain flexibility and stabilize the spine is the number one way to prevent recurring lumbar dysfunction.”
Susan Vogt, PT

1) Return you to a full active lifestyle.
2) Return you to pre-injury/pre-illness work level.
3) Good awareness of proper posture, body mechanics and lifting techniques to prevent recurrence.
4) Independent with an ongoing program of flexibility and strengthening exercises to continue improving back health and prevent recurrence.

1) All of our therapists are trained in McKenzie evaluation and extension programs. Our therapists evaluate every patient individually to determine if this is appropriate.
2) We are a hands-on clinic. Your patient will experience manual stretching, soft tissue techniques, strain/counter strain, and other hands-on treatments to help facilitate the healing process.
3) Extensive training in posture, body mechanics and lifting techniques to prevent recurrence.
4) Exercises specific and appropriate to each patient. You will be encouraged to continue with exercises at home.
5) Modalities – We see modalities as a way to limit symptoms so you can work more effectively on exercises and other functional activities.

Discongenic Injuries

Post-Surgical Rehab

Core Stabilization

Hip and Knee

Pre & Post Surgical Rehab

Patellar Femoral Syndrome

Total Knee Replacement Rehab

Total Hip Replacement Rehab

Accelerated Incentives Knee Program

Patrick Kincaid, DPT COMT “ What I like the most about the AI Knee Program is that it is fun, both for me and the patient. Yes, I still need to remind some of my patients to do their exercises, but most of the time they come excited to show their progress, their exercise log all filled in. Consistency with doing their home program makes all the difference in how fast they improve.”

Jamie (Patient) “ I have struggled with knee pain all of my life. Getting my strength built up not only in my knee, but also throughout my body, is the only thing that has worked. I strongly recommend the program at Physical Therapy Associates. They are a little aggressive, but I finally found something that works.”

The AI Knee Program is a goal oriented exercise based program that revolves around benchmarks set for each patient individually.  We focus on four areas with four separate exercise programs: 1) Knee mobility, ROM and strength.   2) Strength and function at the hip and foot.   3) Balance and Proprioception.  4) Core strength. Our patients exercise everyday, cycling through the four programs. Points collected for meeting these benchmarks and for doing the home exercises are exchanged for rewards or incentives, our way of say good job.

What sets our program apart from the rest is that our patients do the work and they get rewarded for it. Let us help your patient. Let us show you what we do very well, every day.

Carlene (Patient) “I still have trouble finding time to do my exercises but I know that they will be looking at my exercise log and I know I have to get it done, well most of the time. I really can see the difference. And I received my first gift card.”

Fibromyalgia Program

“The care and rehabilitation of patients with fibromyalgia has become a particular interest of mine. These patients, more than most, need encouragement and motivation over a long period of time.” Brant Lewis, PT


• Help you return to an active lifestyle and decrease your daily symptoms.
• Regain good flexibility in problem areas such as ankle dorsiflexion, hamstrings and the hip flexors.
• Build strength to help stabilize the joints, improve core strength, regain proper coordination, and stimulate the regeneration of quality muscle and connective tissue.
• Cost effective way to see you over an extended period of time.


• You will be seen for your initial evaluation, and then every one to two weeks for re-evaluation and to progress your program. We may recommend seeing you more frequently for the first couple of weeks to assist you in becoming more familiar with your home program.

• You will be instructed on a home exercise program that will work on flexibility in problem areas, mid range strengthening, coordination and circulation. Core strength, posture, relaxation and balance will also be addressed. You will be encouraged to go through your personalized routine daily.



Rotator Cuff Programs

Post-Surgical Rehab

Impingement Syndrome

Foot and Ankle Programs

We have 25 years experience in the Portland area. Foot and ankle rehab is our specialty. Services include Post-Surgical Rehab, Ankle Instability Programs and Plantar Fasciitis Rehab.



1. Determine for each patient cause of the overuse on the plantar tissues.
2. Educate you in proper footwear for recovery and function.
3. Regain flexibility needed to maximize lower limb mechanics.
4. Regain proper walking and running techniques.
5. Stimulate the collagen to regenerate through pain free tension in the line of its functional stress.


1. We spend the time needed to evaluate each patient and determine the cause of the tissue breakdown and the best plan for recovery.
2. We help you find shoes that initially limit stress during the healing stage and later allows full functional movement.
3. We teach you how to gain full flexibility at the hip, knee, ankle and first ray, critical in the gait pattern and in limiting stress on the plantar tissue.
4. Gait training with emphasis on an active foot, proper foot position, proper roll off and upper body rotation, all areas needed for the foot to fully supinate at roll off, limiting stretch on the plantar tissue.
5. Treatment to help stimulate collagen regeneration including, active and passive pain free tension in the line of the tissues functional stress. Strengthening using high repetition, low resistance exercises, and soft tissue work to maximize circulation.
6. Educate you about the stages of healing, what to expect with recovery and helping you understand that even with the best care, full recovery will take time.
7. Orthotic care – When the patient comes to us with an orthotic from their physician, we educate them about the importance of following their orthotic break-in program and/or set up a plan with the patient.

Other Foot and Ankle Programs include:
• Ankle sprain rehabilitation
• Achilles Tendonitis
• Bunionectomy rehabilitation
• Neuroma rehabilitation
• Post-Op Care rehabilitation

Please contact us with questions that you may have regarding any of our Foot and Ankle Programs.

Cervical Rehabilitation

Our cervical rehabilitation program consists of three main aspects:

1)         Evaluation
2)         Education
3)         Treatment

Evaluation: Our therapists average ten years of clinical experience.  It is only after seeing hundreds of patients can a therapist identify the patterns of disability and determine the different problems associated with various types of injury.  Each patient is different, but at the same time, similar in how the injury will affect strength, movement patterns and segmental movement. 

Education: A patient is never 100% rehabilitated at the time of discharge from physical therapy.  Therefore, each patient needs to be taught strengthening exercises and functional exercises to be incorporated into a home program.  Teaching you ways to avoid over-use of the cervical joints and muscles, by correcting posture and limiting certain activities, is also a large part of the rehabilitation program.

Treatment: We consider ourselves a hands-on clinic.  A typical treatment will include approximately 50% hands-on therapy including massage, mobilization and stretching.  This is followed by exercise and functional/kinetic activities.  As you improve, more and more gym activities/exercises will be included into treatment.  These activities/exercises will be an important part of your home program to continue after formal discharge from physical therapy.

Our therapists are always happy to talk to you about any questions you have concerning our therapy programs.

Headache Clinic

“Patients with acute headaches from a wide variety of injuries, including motor vehicle accidents, are rewarding to work with. These acute headaches are often a result of limited range of motion in the upper cervical region, and muscle guarding. Patients will often feel relief in one to two treatments.”
Patrick Kincaid, DPT COMT

Acute Headaches


  • Good awareness of proper balanced posture.
  • Regain full cervical range of motion with emphasis on the upper cervical joints.
  • Limit muscle guarding using a variety of modalities and soft tissue work.
  • Teach you relaxation techniques.
  • Educate you to be independent with a home program including range of motion exercises, strength exercises, relaxation exercises and modalities.

Chronic Headaches


  • Educate you regarding headache triggers such as posture, food, stress etc.
  • Develop a good strength and aerobic exercise program with emphasis on relaxing.
  • Find what works for each patient to control their headaches such as stretching, ice, meditation etc.
  • Create an effective home program to help control the headache symptoms.

Transitional Programs

Pre and post-surgical programs available to all diagnosis including:

ACL Reconstruction – Total Knee Replacement – Rotator Cuff Repair

Program Goals:

  • Allows you to attend a pre-surgical program without exhausting your insurance benefits.
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation program that is cost effective for the patient who has exhausted their insurance benefits.


Pre-Surgical Program:

  • After initial set up, you will perform your independent/supervised program at one of our facilities. Cost to the patient will be $25.00 per week.
  • Insurance billed will be limited to the initial evaluation and re-evaluation every two weeks.
  • The length of the program will depend on the surgery date. A six-week program is recommended.


Post-Surgical Program:

  • Designed for the patient whose insurance benefit has exhausted but they need further rehabilitation.
  • You will perform an independent/supervised rehabilitation program two times per week, at one of our facilities.

Treatment Techniques Offered

Manual lymph drainage
Soft tissue and myofascial release
Joint mobilization
Osteopathic Techniques including Muscle Energy Techniques (MET) & Strain/Counter Strain (SCS)
Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF)
Modalities – Ultrasound, Ice, Heat, TENS, Traction, Electrical Stimulation for muscle re-education
Scar tissue mobilization
Taping techniques

Specialty Programs

Balance/Vestibular Rehab
Lymphedema Program
TMJ Rehab
Scientific Therapeutic Exercise Progressions (STEP)
Runners’ Clinic-walking/running mechanics, video analysis, foot wear analysis
Fibromyalgia Program
Headache program
Accelerated Incentives Knee Program
Women’s and Men’s Wellness Programs